Towards a new generation of Personalized Intelligent Conversational Agents (PICA)

The PICA workshop focuses on both long-term engaging spoken dialogue systems and text-based chatbots, as well as conversational recommender systems. Papers can be about different approaches to this: (pilot) evaluations, design guidelines, personalization, natural language processing, protection of privacy and (health) data, (cognitive) architectures and frameworks, implementations, context analyses. We are also very interested in studies on the effectiveness of behaviour change support systems and changing health related behaviour (such as quit smoking, lose weight, etc.). The main goal of the workshop is to stimulate discussion around problems, challenges, possible solutions and research directions regarding the exploitation of NLP and ML techniques to learn user features and use them to personalize the dialogue in the next generation of intelligent conversational agents.

PROGRAM 25 June, 2021


Chris Reed

Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy,
The University of Dundee, Scotland
Head of the Centre for Argument Technology

"Chris Reed has been working at the overlap between argumentation theory and artificial intelligence for two decades and specialises in the theory, practice and commercialisation of argument technology. He has won over £6.5m of funding from government, charity and commercial sources, has over 200 peer-reviewed papers in the area including five books, and has served as a director of several technology companies.

He has also been instrumental in the development of the Argument Interchange Format, an international standard for computational work in the area; he is spear-heading the major engineering effort behind the Argument Web; and he is a founding editor of the Journal of Argument & Computation. He also provides evidence to various committees at Westminster and his media appearances and writing have reached an audience in excess of 30 million people."

- Retrieved from dundee.ac.uk


This workshop is sponsored by the NWO projects:

BLISS & Look Who’s Talking.